Tooth Brushing 3 Minute Sand Timer - Pack of 3 hourglasses

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    Smiley Tooth Sand Timer for timing teeth brushing. 

    They help young children know how long to brush their tooth for and develop a good oral health routine

    Pack of 3 PCS: One packaging includes 3 sand timers (Blue, Green and Red) each timer runs for approximately 3 minutes. Used as a visual timer for teeth brushing, they help children develop a good oral health routine 

    Attractive Design: Give a treat to your visual thinkers. With attractive colours and cute smiley tooth faces, they make tooth brushing fun for kids and adults alike 

    High-Quality Material: Manufactured with sturdy PVC and ABS glass tube, it is not easily breakable. So, it can be placed on any flat surface of your choice, the timers are also waterproof, making them ideal sand timers for the bathroom 

    Multiple Uses: Just like the large sand timers for adults, these sand timers for kids are a useful device. As well as the best toothbrushing buddy for your children, the sand timers also work great for games, time management, turn taking or just a visual timer for a short time out period. 

    Easy to Use: Using this small sand timer is an easy process. All you need is to place its flat side on the surface and the time starts, the time up when all the sand is in chamber below. Flip to start again.

    Each timer runs for approximately 3 minutes. These timers are designed to be a visual aid to toothbrushing rather than precision timing equipment, so there maybe a time deviation. 

    Individual Timer: 9.8 x 2.2 cm, 24g Package includes: 3 x Sand Timers (Blue, Green and Red)

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