30 Minute Jumbo Sand Timer - Black

    Temple Lodge

    Using sand timers for kids is a great method for teaching them about time management. 

    Our products are best known for giving young children the concept of time and making them understand about transitions in their everyday routines.

    Large and Bright Design - The sand timers are 16cm tall by 8 cm wide so perfect for little hands and as a large visual display of time. The coloured sand inside is coordinated with the hexagonal plastic end caps for an attractive and durable design 

    Quality Materials - Strong Acrylic protective casing surrounds a traditional hourglass. Combined with clearly labelled strong end cap. The timers are super durable so perfect for kids as not easily broken. 

    Multi-Purpose - Sand timers are commonly used in the Classroom, Home, Kitchen, Exams, Therapy and Exercise Classes Time Management Tool - The large hour glasses help your children do things more efficiently and develop a strong sense of time. 

    Easy to Use - Using these large sand timers is a very easy process. All you need is to place its flat side on the surface and the time starts. Simply turn over to start again

    These timers are designed to be a visual aid rather than precision timing equipment, so there may be a small time deviation.

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