60-Minute Visual Timer - Red

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    Are you looking for a useful dial visual timer for your kids? 

    Try this countdown timer for kids to train your kids about timing. 

    Time Management Tool: Time is an abstract concept that young kids do not understand easily. Being a parent or teacher, it is very important to teach your kids what it means to stay on task for some planned work. Our fun-filled countdown timer for kids helps young kids and autistic children in understanding the movement of time. 

    Practicality: This visual timer for kids is designed to make it possible for kids to understand timing. When the assigned time expires, an alarm rings and the coloured part of the kid’s timer clock disappears in an anti-clockwise direction. 

    Multipurpose: These visual timers for kids play a constructive role in schools, homes and kitchen. These are the best devices for giving the concept of time management and transitioning from one task to another. 

    Uncluttered Interface: Our product is available in a simple and easy to operate design. Its plain interface is easily understood by kids. 

    Silent Operation: Unlike a clock, this visual timer does not produce any ticking sound and keeps on functioning without any distraction.

    This clock timer for kids is available in three different colors including red, black and blue.

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