Magnetic Kitchen Timer Clock with Audio and Visual Alerts


    Enhance your time management skills with the Temple Multipurpose Digital Kitchen Timer. This versatile timer is designed to cater to all your timing needs, whether you're cooking, exercising, doing homework, attending lectures, or engaging in any activity that requires precise time management.

    Visible Display: The digital kitchen timer has a large bright display to give you a clear view of the count down even in bad lighting conditions. It comes with a long lasting AAA battery so that you can start using it instantly.

    Audio and Visual Alerts: The digital kitchen timer offers adjustable volume control with three settings - Loud, Normal, and Mute. The START/Stop button flashes at the end of the countdown, and in Mute mode, the timer also provides a vibration alert, ensuring you never miss the completion of your countdown.

    Easy To Use: Operate the stopwatch timer through the start/stop button and set your timer using min and sec buttons and use the volume button to adjust the beep level. Timer memory recall function remembers last setting used

    Compact Design: The strong magnetic back of the cooking timer makes it suitable to be attached to your refrigerator or any other metal surface. The visual timer also has a retractable stand and hanging hook, making it easier for you to keep it in various ways.

    Multipurpose Timer: The digital timer makes a perfect timer for cooking, exercise, gym, homework, classroom lecture, sports, and all other activities that require time management. This efficient digital alarm clock makes an ideal gift for everyone

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