Sand Timer for Kids - Class Pack of 24 Hourglasses

    Temple Lodge

    Using sand timers for kids is a great method for teaching them about time management. 

    Our product is best known for giving young children the concept of time and making them understand about transitions in their everyday routines.

    Attractive Design: Give a treat to your visual thinkers with this really amazing sand timer set. To make it alluring for kids, attractive colours have been used along with sand in the matching hues which seem fun for both kids and adults. 

    Pack of 24 PCS: One packaging includes 24 sand timers for kids. Each hourglass is labelled with a different time period. You can set the one you like for your kid. One sand timer set comes with 24 hourglasses labelled with the counting time of 30 sec/ 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 5mins and 10mins. (4 of Each)

    High-Quality Material: Manufactured with sturdy PVC and ABS glass tube, it is not easily breakable. So, it can be placed on ay flat surface of your choice. 

    Easy to Use: Using this small sand timer is quite an easy process. All you need is to place its flat side on the surface and the time starts. 

    Multiple Uses: Just like the large sand timers for adults, this hour glass sand timer for kids is quite a useful device. This could make the best toothbrushing buddy for your kid or you can use it in classroom activities, countdown games and even in the kitchen.

    These timers are designed to be a visual aid to toothbrushing rather than precision timing equipment, so there maybe a time deviation

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