30 Minute Jumbo Sand Timer with round caps - Red

    Temple Lodge

    Introducing the 30 Minute Jumbo Sand Timer for Kids – a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and fun learning! This vibrant green sand timer stands at 16cm tall and 8cm wide, making it ideal for small hands and providing a clear visual display of time. Crafted with a robust acrylic protective casing and sturdy plastic end caps, it is designed to withstand daily use without the fear of breakage. Perfect for classrooms, homes, kitchens, exams, therapy sessions, or exercise classes, this versatile timer aids in teaching time management and developing essential skills.

    Using the sand timer is simple: just place it on any flat surface to start the countdown, and flip it over to restart. With its bright design and easy operation, this sand timer helps children understand the concept of time, complete tasks efficiently, and develop a strong sense of time management. Make learning and time management enjoyable with this engaging and practical tool

    Dimensions: 7.5D x 7.5W x 16H centimetres

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